TrackOFF Privacy Tools for Android

Your phone is always with you, making it a prime target for new tracking threats.
Use our mobile app to stay safe wherever you are.

Choose a subscription plan:

Use on up to
3 devices

Browsing on your phone? You're being tracked.

The data miners are watching while you browse the Internet on your mobile device, and
often they can even monitor your location. Our app provides three layers of protection
to secure your identity and phone activity.

  • Perfect for public Wi-Fi

    Always at the coffee shop? Using Internet at the library? No problem! Have peace of mind know your mobile traffic is safe and secure.

  • Know which apps are tracking you

    Did you know that over 60% of mobile apps can read your location data? Quickly understand the privacy risks of each app you've downloaded.

  • Q: Can I purchase desktop and mobile apps together?

    — Yes you can! We offer a bundle with a discounted price: click here to add it to your checkout, and enjoy all-around protection on both your computer and phone.

  • Q: What's the difference between TrackOFF Mobile and Desktop Applications?

    — The ways you're tracked on your phone versus your computer are slightly different, but the motivation is the same: To gather as much information as possible about you. TrackOFF Mobile Privacy Tools was designed to help prevent apps from snooping as well as data miners while you're on the web.

  • Q: Do I need the Android version if I already have the Desktop version?

    — Mobile browsing is at just as much risk as desktop computer browsing. TrackOFF Mobile Privacy Tools will provide you with the same great protection as the desktop version but on your phone or tablet.


Size: 25 MB.

Use on up to three different
mobile devices.

System requirements

Internet connection needed for
installation and updates
through Google Play.

Requires Android 4.4 and up.

Three layers of advanced ID & anti-tracking protection

Surf the web safely while on the go with this suite of tools

  • Private Browser

    Surf the web with a browser that changes your mobile digital fingerprint.

  • Prevents online ID theft

    Your computer has a unique
    fingerprint that's used to identify and track you. TrackOFF works like a glove to protect it.

  • App Checkup

    A rating system allows you to quickly see privacy risks associated each app and turn permissions on and off.