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About us

TrackOFF is a consumer privacy company that builds best in class tools to secure users' identities and personal data. We're working hard to ensure everyone has the right to online privacy.

Our Mission

Empowering consumers to regain control of their identities and personal data.

The Problem

Between data miners, hackers, and government intrusion, consumer data is being collected and exploited on an unprecedented scale.

The Solution

At TrackOFF our sole focus is to create tools that enable consumers to use the Internet without having to forfeit their privacy rights.

Meet our team

Chandler Givens
CEO & Co-founder
Ryan Flach
CTO & Co-founder
Alex Seher
VP of Business Development
George Watson
VP of Technology
Dmitry Shkaev
UI & UX, Web Design
Anton Gilyov
Web Development
Mike Kozub
Marketing and Communications
Mary Yen
Android Development
David Qin
Competitive Intelligence
Kevin Abumere
VP of Mobile Development
Bill Carey
Senior Advisor
Kris Samaras
Strategic Planning