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Sep 15th 2017

How to Protect Yourself from the Equifax Breach

For about as long as there's been a cybersecurity industry, professionals inside the field have been strongly and constantly insisting that companies...

Aug 16th 2017

Three Simple Steps to Secure Your Home WiFi Signal

Three Simple Steps to Secure Your Home WiFi Signal

Jul 13th 2017 in Privacy

Your Online Privacy and Security Dictionary

Your Online Privacy and Security Dictionary

Jun 7th 2017

How to Tell if an Email is a Scam

A phishing scam is when someone sends a digital communication soliciting information under false pretenses. A recent study by DUO revealed that nearly...

May 18th 2017 in Announcements Privacy

How to Protect Yourself from WannaCry Ransomware

Infecting hundreds of thousands of computers from companies and individual users worldwide, it is unprecedented in scale. Like most ransomware, it fun...

Apr 24th 2017 in Privacy

Privacy Rights Repeal: What It Means

President Trump this month signed a resolution to undo internet privacy rules, but just what does that mean, and how concerned is the public? Unsurpri...

Mar 2nd 2017 in Announcements Privacy

Google Has You in Their Sites, Make No Mistake

Google faces new scrutiny of how it handles users’ browsing habits

Jan 19th 2017 in Privacy

Must Know Tips For Online Privacy and Safety in 2017

Don't Leave Your Door Unlocked

Nov 28th 2016 in Privacy

Safe Shopping 101

Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

Oct 31st 2016 in Privacy

Scared Yet? Why Not?

Consumers merit a consistent set of privacy rules